Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's time for the Rubberama!

I've been up since my husband got up at 4:00a.m. to see what the "weird" sound was coming from the kitchen this morning. It was the coffee pot I programmed yesterday to fuel me for the day ahead.

That's right folks, the Fall Rubberama is in my neck of the woods. Woo-hoo! Yes, I will be one of the first ones there. When the rubber house o' worship comes to town all else in my world stops. For a while, anyway. Being the rubber geek that I am, my ensemble is already laid out. It's the same at every convention. There must be other attendees that know (and point at) me by my outfit. I don my white long sleeved Stampa Barbara shirt, (one of the two days a year I still allow myself to wear it) my most comfortable (whatever fits at the time) jeans, comfy shoes, (today it will be Uggs) and my Blue Jansport backpack. For those of you that want to relate- I must look like the ultimate trekie (sp?) at one of their conventions. I should be a bit embarrassed, but I'm not. For the few of you that have ever tried to attend one of these events with me- your sittin' back laughing right now, aren't you? It's ok to admit it.

You can check out details of the event here: San Jose Rubberama. If you should happen to run into me, please do not get your feelings hurt. I'm not there to socialize- I must scour the premises for new and exciting goodies- be that rubber or new techniques. After all, this is now what is known as a "Business trip." Ha! That's right IRS- I'm keepin recepits, I'm logging miles. This is all in the name of business- Pawsitively Stamps, that is.

Other news of the day: My cards, cards, cards class is happening tonight at 5pm at the craft studio in Santa Cruz. It's almost a full class- yeah!

If I'm not too tired tonight I'll post some of my new finds.

Happy Day!

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