Friday, September 07, 2007

Must ... have ... sleep.

Ok, so what does sleep have to do with stamping you ask? Well, last night it had a lot to do with it, or rather it had a lot to do with the *lack* of it.

Last night's class was on Tile Coasters. Easy shmeezy (do not look that word up until I have a moment to add it in Wikipedia ... Anyhoo- the coasters looked great, everyone had their own unique style. Mulligans (thank you Earen) were had by a few folks. Ha... ha. It's always fun to watch fellow stampers. Did we all think we should be perfect on the first stamp? Really? It's taken me years to get that it's quite alright to get a little messy. That's the beauty in stamping. Nobody ever knows what you started out to create except you. Truly, we are our own worse critic. True, it's not always easy to fudge things on a tile coaster, but there's always another tile to ink.

Rambling, am I? That's PROOF of lack o' sleep. That's where I started with this whole post, right?

Let me simply say, last night was my last class scheduled on a day that I already work 10 hours. Ugh. What was I thinking?

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