Sunday, April 27, 2008

Do you ever get toys, um... tools, and they sit? And sit? And ...? I'm going through that right now (and have been for many years!) I received my new Nestabilities from Ellen last week and they are still in the package! I've been wanting those dies for months now, and I finally broke down and got them. However, it hasn't been quite the right time to "play" yet. I just finished class yesterday (very fun- thanks Kathy D. and Marjory!) Stamp time last week revolved around that. Today is a garden day, so stampin's out. Besides- the sun is so bright and cheery it really doesn't seem right to spend 2 consecutive spring filled days inside-even for stamps. Perhaps later this week. Or some stamp therapy after work one night???

After playing with my watermark (again)- I thought I'd see if it all tied in. Here are the results:

Joe (dh) picked this card to send to his mom for her birthday earlier this month. Sometimes it's nice to have someone else pick out a card, kwim? I tend to be a bit hyper-critical of myself- so other input is always welcome - even constructive input!

I'll see what I can do to get my nestabilities out and active- look for results later this week. Maybe they'll get some use at my next class :-).

Happy Stamping!

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jjcreations said...

This is too cute. I love the little package and the dots along the edge....really pulls it together. Joan