Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Holy Carp!

Has it been long since I've posted? Sheesh! What rock have I been under? Well, I know the name of the rock, but it's really not important. The GOOD thing is that I'm still here, still stampin' (first time in over a month!), and creatin' like mad. Why? Well, it's called a deadline. Yep. I'm sure plenty of you have heard of it. I'm going to my first Stampin' Up convention tomorrow and I've got not one, or two ... but 4 swaps to bring with me. That's not including anything I want to swap in the general sense. The swaps I'm responsible for are ones I signed up for months ago. True to my form (clearly have not finished many chapters in GTD) I am last minute crafting like a mad woman (insert mad (woman) scientist pict. here) to get my obligations done. Yep. This a.m. I realized that I had signed up for FOUR not TWO organized swaps. Oh carp is right. It's not such a bad thing, since I do fairly well under extreme stress. Thus I might actually be the nurse you want at the bedside in your moment of distress. Possibly. I digress. Anyhoo- I'm really down in the stamp room creating and not up here blogging (What would GTD author have to say about this?)

As I mentioned, I realized a few hours ago that I really did have more swaps to create than what I could recollect (can I take that to court?) So, moving along in swaps I thought I'd whip out my chalkboard technique swap. Yep, should be simple. No, I haven't tried it before. But how hard could craft ink and chalk be? Seriously. Well, it turns out, in my picky little world, it's very challenging. Not so clean as I'd have thought. After a struggle, some food, some chocolate, and a heartfelt chat with my creative guru (DH- he's a whiz at figuring things out), I went back to the stamping board to redo an hour's worth of work. That's when I picked up my handy dandy white gel pen. Oh, yeah baby. That's what I'm talking about. (Sorry, the chocolate is kicking in right about now.)

Not perfect in any way, but I'm much happier with this card than the many prototypes. Although the bg looks rather stark (I'm patiently waiting for the new SU catty to find out all the new *current* background stamps I will soon have at my disposal) I decided the focus was on the technique and not the background. And, since time is of essence (what in the world am I doing blogging now?) I decided stark would be appropriate. Enjoy.

Don't forget to stay tuned. I'll be posting around the clock at convention. My clock, that is. So early in the a.m. and late at night I'll be delivering up to date info on the haps of the new catty and convention chatter.

Happy stampin'!

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Anonymous said...

This is incredibly cute! And I can't wait to hear your reports from convention. Good stuff... :)