Friday, August 29, 2008


Do you have a hard time finishing that last bit of a project? Do you need a push in the right direction? Me, too! Stamp class is tomorrow and I have all but one kit together. How in the world do other demonstrators get class together up to 4 times a month (or more!) And they work full time jobs! Holy guacamole. My hat is off to all of you. Lol... what in the world am I here posting instead of finishing that last little bit. What holds me back? Maybe this will explain it...

She looks innocent, doesn't she? I think not. She decided I needed to play. I needed to play. The battle ensued. Out came The Claw, her favorite.

Sufficient time has been whittled away. I'm off to focus.
Happy stampin',

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Anonymous said...

Looks like my cat moe, who is always in the middle of my creations...Love