Thursday, September 25, 2008

5 Minute Man Card

In the oodles and oodles of cards that are taking over the stamp room there is not 1 card I consider a "man card." While in the midst of attempting to clean up yesterday, DH came in and asked for a Thank You card for a client of his. So much for cleaning. I rummaged through mounds of cards. Nope, huh-uh, not that one, too girly, no, no, no ....... ugh! Those comments were from me, not DH. He would have been happy with anything. If only I could adopt that attitude, I would not own the mound of cards referred to earlier. Finally we both settled on one card, he liked it more than me. Hmmmpfhh. As he walked away to mail it, I decided I needed to make a quick man card. Looking around I realized I must own almost every flower stamp made. I settled on Fresh Cuts because the Thank You stamp seems a little more elegant than most. Here's what I ended up with. Simple. This was a 5 minute card. I never produce a card in 5 minutes. Ever.
My tricks:
Focus- I was focused on making a man card.
Distraction- I was (glady) distracting myself from cleaning.
In the process of cleaning, I found an envy complete with all the parts here (minus the ribbon/brads) already precut/prescored left over from a class 2 weeks ago. I could either put it all away or making something quick. Quick worked.

Stamps- Fresh Cuts, Sanded BG, Print Patter (retired) BG
Cardstock- Caramel, Teal, Craft
Ink: Basic Brown, Teal, Red, Celery, Caramel
Misc: Brads, Grosgrain ribbon, Dimensionals, Distressing tool

Alright, now back to cleaning. The carpet cleaners will be here in 3 hours and I have a mess of stuff still on the stamp room floor!

Happy stamping,

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

House of cards

I might just be the slowest stamper ever. Or, to put a positive spin on it, the best card making procrastinator. :-). I received an order for cards about 3 .... or 4 .... or maybe 5 months ago. Here they are, complete at last. All 64 of them.

It's not as bad as it sounds. This order is for Christmas gifts, technically not needed for what, another 3 months? Fortunate for me, this customer (and very good friend) knows me, and plans much better than I do. Thus the early order for something needed by the holidays. These various cards have been inspired by many layouts from various publications as well as samples in the 2008 Fall/Winter Stampin' Up! Idea Book & Catalog.

Not pictured is the pile of extras I made for future card sets to sell. Of course, will I ever actually sell them? It's not that I can't part with them. Believe me, with piles of cards laying around, it would be awesome to get some sold to free up some stamp room space. I simply can't set prices to my cards. Does anyone else have this problem? Seriously? I value my work, and always peruse store bought cards to check out their pricing. It seems as though the cheapest price for anything handmade with only 1-2 layers is at least $3.50, and upwards of $6. Most of my cards have a minimum of 3 layers, not to mention ribbon and embellishments.

Enough pondering. I'm off to prep for Saturday's Christmas Card class. Are you registered yet? Contact me via email now to register.

Happy crafting,

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Order Stampin' Up online

You read right. As of earlier this afternoon you can now make your Stampin' Up purchase right online. Simply click on the shop now button of my demonstrator business website here. I'll always gladly place your order the way you always have, or you can shop anytime day or night right at the click of a button. You'll notice at the top right corner a button indicating "shop now." From there you will be able to create a profile and place your order.

I'm always here for any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Happy stamping,


Yikes! I don't usually shout here, but this is so exciting that I had to. I know a secret, I know a secret. Hee... hee.... can't you just picture me skippin' around as if I'm ten years old with the biggest well kept secret, ever?

Why don't you go check out the Stampin' Up! website a little later today. Maybe then you'll know my secret.

Have a fun day!