Thursday, September 25, 2008

5 Minute Man Card

In the oodles and oodles of cards that are taking over the stamp room there is not 1 card I consider a "man card." While in the midst of attempting to clean up yesterday, DH came in and asked for a Thank You card for a client of his. So much for cleaning. I rummaged through mounds of cards. Nope, huh-uh, not that one, too girly, no, no, no ....... ugh! Those comments were from me, not DH. He would have been happy with anything. If only I could adopt that attitude, I would not own the mound of cards referred to earlier. Finally we both settled on one card, he liked it more than me. Hmmmpfhh. As he walked away to mail it, I decided I needed to make a quick man card. Looking around I realized I must own almost every flower stamp made. I settled on Fresh Cuts because the Thank You stamp seems a little more elegant than most. Here's what I ended up with. Simple. This was a 5 minute card. I never produce a card in 5 minutes. Ever.
My tricks:
Focus- I was focused on making a man card.
Distraction- I was (glady) distracting myself from cleaning.
In the process of cleaning, I found an envy complete with all the parts here (minus the ribbon/brads) already precut/prescored left over from a class 2 weeks ago. I could either put it all away or making something quick. Quick worked.

Stamps- Fresh Cuts, Sanded BG, Print Patter (retired) BG
Cardstock- Caramel, Teal, Craft
Ink: Basic Brown, Teal, Red, Celery, Caramel
Misc: Brads, Grosgrain ribbon, Dimensionals, Distressing tool

Alright, now back to cleaning. The carpet cleaners will be here in 3 hours and I have a mess of stuff still on the stamp room floor!

Happy stamping,


Aubrie said...

I struggle with cards for men, too. This one is great!

thescrapmaster said...

This one is lovely! Men cards are always very difficult.

The Mama Monkey said...

Yes, men are challenging in more ways than this, aren't they?! Great job on a perfect masculine card! You conquered the task...and have clean carpets, now! Awesome day in my book!

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time with manly cards too. I'm single and my son's are little so manly cards for me have cars and robots on them, lol. I usually go for darker colors and call them manly. I did recently find a bella fella that is cute, beerafella, I think. I've made a card or two with it.

your blog buddy

Karan said...

Beerafella? Ohhhh..... I must investigate!

Louise F NZ said...

Fantastic man card, the colours are great and the sentiment stamp is gorgeous.

gale said...

Oh wow that is gorgeous! It does not even LOOK like a 5 minute card!

Rachel Brumley said...

I know where you are coming from. About 90% of my stamps are either girly or floral.

I like your card - simple and elegant!

Tlbran said...

Men cards are a challenge for me also. This is a very elegant card that is would be great for a man.

Lin said...

Very cute!! In a manly way!!LOL